Tuesday, May 13, 2008


A little girl stood in the hallway of her Sunday School hall staring at a picture of Jesus standing and knocking on a door. Her pastor saw her standing there staring at the picture, so he walked over beside her and stood. After just a moment the little girl spoke to him in a confused and perplexed voice and asked, "Preacher, did Jesus ever get in?"

What a good question for us! I wonder if we ever really let Jesus in? Do we let Jesus into our marriages? Do we let Jesus into our finances? Do we let Jesus into our decisions? Do we let Jesus into our families? Do we let Jesus into our jobs? Do we let Jesus in?

The answer is clearly seen in our commitments of life. Here is what I know: Anything in this life that you are committed to will require you to make a sacrifice. If something does not require you to make a sacrifice personally, then you are really not committed to it. Take a marriage for example. If you are committed to you spouse, you will daily make personal sacrifices to demonstrate your love and care for him or her. If you are committed to hunting, then you will make sacrifices of your time to go hunting, of your money to purchase a license, guns, and ammo, and of your knowledge to learn how to properly do the sport. You willingly give your time and your money to the sport of hunting because you are committed to it.

What about Jesus? How about the church? While you make think you are committed to both, just ask yourself this one question: In the past week, what personal sacrifice have I made for Jesus or my church? Did you pass the commitment test?