Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Christian's Responsibility to Vote!

One of the topics that rises to the surface during an election year is the role of faith or the role of a Christian in relationship to politics. Throughout the nation we hear the voices of the skeptics decrying the participation of people of faith in the political arena. Worn our phrases, such as “separation of church and state”, are used in an effort to silent God’s people. Amazingly every other influence in the world is debated and discussed in relationship to politics, but somehow religion and personal faith seems to be dismissed. Historically, we clearly recognize the fact that the whole concept of “the separation of church and state” has been grossly distorted from its original intent. The phrase was taken from a letter of Thomas Jefferson to a Baptist group meeting in Connecticut simply to assure them that the government could not infringe upon their religious freedoms, nor could they discriminate against a church or denomination.

The intent of the phrase today is to keep people of faith from having a voice in the political process and to intimidate you into accepting political correctness as the proper doctrine of political debate and decision making. Such an idea is foreign to God’s Word. We as the people of God must be “salt and light” in our lost and hopeless world. Together, we have a moral obligation to participate in the political process, to become knowledgeable about important political and social issues, and to vote our convictions.

Clearly, our impending presidential election offers two totally diverse and separate philosophies on issues of great importance to the people of God. As people of faith we must give our attention first and foremost to issues of morality being espoused or ignored by political candidates. At no time in human history do we see God removing a nation because of its weak economy, stock market stability, lack of military prowess, or natural resources production. The issue to God was the morality of a nation’s leaders and people. We need to realize that the issues that count are the issues of morality: Sanctity of human life, government funding of religious organizations, the appointment of federal judges and Supreme Court justices, and the exercise of the freedom of religion. As a Christian you must be informed and make an informed decision as you cast your vote.

One such issue is the lottery facing Arkansas voters in November. Once again a line has been drawn in the sand, children and education have been pimped for political and financial gain, and the threat of continuing to suppress the poor have come into our political futures. Once again the people of Arkansas must choose to send another resounding “no” to those in our State who will offer you short-term solutions filled with long-term destruction of lives, families, businesses, and bank accounts. While all the money is promised for education, the truth is that only 30 cents on a dollar will ever be received by any student, while at the same time tax revenues which would have supported the student will go down every year. The Arkansas Business reported on September 24, 2007 that a state lottery would take on average $300-$400 million dollars a year out of Arkansas’ economy while at the same time push the poor into further economic depression all across our state. We need to say “NO” to this lottery effort. For more information visit