Thursday, April 2, 2009

Putting first things FIRST AGAIN!

Pastor Steve Cole of Flagstaff Christian Fellowship in Flagstaff, AZ wrote about a time back in 1980 when he and his family were evacuated from their home as a result of the nearby Panorama fire. They were given less than three hours to gather whatever they could of their belongings and get out of their home. He says, "We were out of our home for three days. Thankfully, the fire did not reach our house. But the experience was an unforgettable lesson in clarifying what is really important in terms of material possessions. What really matters and what could we live without?"

The present economic situation in America is a firestorm that should wake us up as the people of God. The truth that has been revealed is that over the last few years we have ceased to own our possessions because our possessions now own us. We identify ourselves, our value, and our self-worth by our things. In today's world we have learned that earthly investments are fragile, our possessions and jobs are not safe, and that stewardship is an effective plan both in the good times and the bad.

Maybe it is time to ask this question: What are some things we can live without? When you determine these things make for certain you remember that one thing you cannot live without is good stewardship to God through your church. Another thing you cannot live without is the love of God in Christ Jesus. Finally, you cannot live without hope and faith in our risen Lord. Let's start putting the first things first again in our lives.