Wednesday, September 1, 2010

People reach People!

The Biblical command to tell others about Jesus is a command that has been replaced in many churches by slogans, marketing plans, programs, and websites. While all of these things are important and beneficial, these things will not win the lost to faith in Christ. From the very beginning of the church, the plan for reaching the lost was simple: People must reach people!

The problem is that this plan requires sacrifice on our part. We will have to give some time, face rejection, move outside our comfort zones, and become obedient to the Lord's agenda rather than our own agendas. However, people will not be won to faith in Christ by slogans, but by soul-winners. They will not be won to faith in Christ by becoming more favorable like the world, but by faithful witnesses. It will never happen because of a program, but because of people who might choose to use a program. Verbal networking of your personal story of how Jesus changed your life will change the lives of others! Now...let's go do it!