Monday, November 22, 2010

God can speak through YOU!

In July I returned from another exciting mission trip to Brazil. On one particular Sunday night, I was preaching at the FBC of Heliopolis in Rio de Janeiro. Imagine the scene for a moment. I am preaching to a building full of people in my best Arkansas, southern English about choosing to walk on the narrow road from Matthew 7:13-14. I am being translated by Pastor Davidson Freitas into Portuguese. Additionally, an interpreter is translating what we are both saying into sign language for about 30 deaf and hearing impaired people of the church. When the invitation was given, a young man who is totally deaf came forward, and in sign language prayed and asked Jesus into His life to be His Savior and Lord. What an amazing God we serve!

Did you know all around us Satan has deafened the ears of many people to the truth? However, God’s Word is still powerful and effective. In Romans 10:14, Paul asks how people will hear the gospel without someone sharing it with them. If the gospel is powerful enough to reach a man and save him 7000 miles from Arkansas through the message of an Arkansas pastor being interpreted into both Portuguese and sign language, do you not think the people all around your church can be reached with the gospel witness of your life, your church, and your church members?

These lost and unchurched people will never be reached if we do not go to them. We need to go to them personally. Don’t wait for others to go or even join you in going. We need to go to them prayerfully. We need to talk to the Lord about these people before we talk to these people about the Lord. We need to go to them purposefully. We need a clearly defined strategy of sharing the gospel and discipling them. We need to go to them as a priority. We do many good things in our churches. Let’s stop substituting good things for the main thing of reaching and discipling lost people. We can people, but only if we go to them.