Monday, November 12, 2012

Busy but not Productive!

A couple of months ago I went to warm up some coffee in our microwave. I opened the door, put the lukewarm coffee in the microwave, set the timer for 30 seconds, and pushed start. The microwave lit up, the little warmer plate started spinning in circles, and my taster was set for some nice hot coffee. When the "ding" indicated the microwave was through, I opened the door and reached in to get my hot coffee. There was an immediate coffee was not the least bit hot. I didn't understand! How could this be? So I put the coffee back in the microwave, repeated the process for another 30 seconds, and waited impatiently for the "ding." I reached in to get my coffee and still no heat! Could this be the beginning of the end of time? Was I to now drink lukewarm coffee? Even the Lord would spew lukewarm coffee out of His mouth. I finally came to the reality that the microwave oven was in fact broken. It was no longer productive. It had to be replaced...and soon!

On the surface everything about the microwave appeared to have power and be working properly because the lights worked, the tray would spin, and the timer kept time. There was just no heat! It did not do what it was designed to do. It was not productive or effective in heating things up.

As I think back about that incident today I cannot help but think how that microwave is like a lot of people I know in church.On the surface they give everyone the appearance that they are spiritual, holy, and righteous. They know how to say and do all the right things. They may be busy in church and could even hold a position of leadership. They give everyone the impression that they have it altogether and have a distinct relationship with the Lord. However, if you get past the surface and look deeper into that person's life you realize it is all a show for the benefit of others. They only give the appearance of being spiritual when in fact they do not have a close, growing relationship with Jesus.

What happens is that when the heat is turned on these people and life situations become difficult, they prove themselves to be ineffective and unproductive in spiritual matters. They blame God, accuse others, and victimize themselves. Often they fall out of church and there is no power of God in their lives. Like the broken microwave they just are not fulfilling their purpose for the Lord. The good news is that all of it can change the moment we choose to truly follow Jesus and stop playing games. The choice is your choice to make. As we are entering the holiday season, do not miss out on all that God has for you!